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The 12+ Best Instagram Editing Apps for Creators in 2024

Here are the top 15 best Instagram editing apps for making your content look the best it ever has.6 Threads Content Ideas For Your Next Post (+Tips to Help You Draft It)

If there’s one thing you’ve heard about Threads, it’s probably that it’s an Instagram-X hybrid – which isn’t entirely accurate.

Yes, it’s very much “Instagram in text form” – you get a bit of the curation of your Instagram feed with the rawer nature of Instagram Stories mixed in with the format of content on X/Twitter. This makes it feel familiar but also sets it apart as its own thing.

But one thing about Threads is clear: it’s for having conversations. 

Now, if you’re here, you were likely lurking slash dabbling on Threads but are ready to get a bit more strategic. So this is a list of some ideas for you to consider as you start crafting your content — with an important caveat. Less creating and crafting is required for Threads posts than, say, X or LinkedIn. Just thought it was worth mentioning.

Let's dive in and discover how you can make the most of Threads for your content strategy.

Introduce yourself or your brand

If you still haven’t posted on Threads, you’re in luck. The user base is genuine and loves authentic content.

So instead of worrying about making the “perfect first post”, start with something that gives people a peek at who you are, whether it’s a simple text, “Hello Threads!” or a request to connect with other folks. 

Post by @buildyourwealthboss
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Even better, use a hashtag relevant to your primary audience, like “Social Media Managers” or “Creators of Threads” for Buffer.

Threads will give you a neat little “First thread” badge at the top left of your post, and here’s an encouraging theory from @mattnavarra to motivate you to make those first few posts: 

Post by @mattnavarra
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Spark genuine engagement

The heavy focus on conversations gives you two main tasks on Threads: starting and participating. 

Starting is easy if you have an established brand (personal or business) identity. This is evident in how brand accounts like Elmo and YouTube hopped into Threads and got right to posting.

Post by @youtubecreators
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If you don’t, you might have more leeway to be creative and start from general conversations before narrowing down to niche ones as you find your audience or they find you. One way to start is to share real, personal stories followed up with a question – these consistently get high engagement. 

Here's an example from carissabroadbentbooks:

Post by @carissabroadbentbooks
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Kirsti Lang, Buffer’s Content Writer, also has first-hand experience with how powerful this can be. She asked her audience (and the broader Taylor Swift fanbase) to help her decide about seeing the artist in concert, and her post exploded in engagement.

Post by @itsmekirsti
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On the other hand, instead of only posting, you’ll prioritize participating in conversations to see meaningful growth. Here's an example of how other brands responded to this post from the @nature_valley account:

6 Threads Content Ideas For Your Next Post (+Tips to Help You Draft It)

One standout strategy for leveraging Threads is the approach taken by Buffer's social media manager, Mitra Mehvar. Repurposing a legendary Buffer strategy, Mitra has pioneered a method that prioritizes genuine engagement on Threads – Bufferchats.

Post by @buffer
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Every month, centered around a topic related to social media, the creator economy, or remote work. This monthly event gives our audience something to come back to our account every month, as well as an anchor for Buffer’s identity on Threads. 

Share polls

Polls are a feature available on Threads and a fantastic way to engage your audience interactively. They invite participation and can provide valuable insights into your followers' preferences and opinions.

Here’s one from the Buffer account about preferred content formats.

Post by @buffer
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On the other end of the spectrum is a less business, more #relatable post from @apartmenttherapy.

Post by @apartmenttherapy
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Trends are one of the fastest ways to get engagement on Threads. Participating and molding them to your preferred content style is also one of the best ways to establish a habit of consistency, especially with a new platform.

Some of my favorite posts on Threads are the daily journals that involve creators sharing pictures that act as visual diaries. They’ll usually tag their posts “ThreadsJournals” and add some visual flair through fonts that look like handwriting or drawings.

Post by @hannahlyter
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Post by @madame.syakila
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Post by @clairefrancezca
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Note: If you want to hop on the ThreadsJournal trends, user @itsmayorafrances posted a helpful tutorial.

Ask open-ended questions

Open-ended questions are a simple yet powerful way to foster engagement – and the main Threads format. The Threads team actually highlighted this as an engagement strategy, but take that with a grain of salt. Some things might have changed since then.

Users take them in all directions, from the genuine.

Post by
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Post by @louisetilbrookdesigns
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To the humorous.

Post by @preety_mi_de
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My personal theory on why they work so well is that they invite your audience to share their thoughts, experiences, and opinions, leading to richer and more meaningful interactions, for better or worse.

Reuse and repurpose

If you’re over the multiple social media platforms out there and just want to be able to share your ideas without modifying them for every single social media – do it!

There’s no shame in repurposing – in fact, it can take your content farther in reach and engagement than you might expect.

Take a cue from @jsstansel who consistently repurposes his content across Threads and X.

Post by @jsstansel
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Some tips for crafting winning Threads posts

Here are some tips to help you kickstart your own posts.

  • You get a built-in audience with Threads – it’ll likely have a lot of overlap with the people who already follow you on Instagram. So, keep your content tailored to them. 
  • Don’t worry too much about format – there’s no one content format that performs distinctly better than others on Threads (yet). If you’re torn, stick to text and images – it’s a combination that never fails.
  • Threads is still very early, and there are no experts. Do what feels right for you.
  • The Threads team, and different users, have identified links as a factor that hurts the reach of content in the algorithm. Consider directing people to your link in bio instead of posting a link directly on Threads.
  • Engaging others’ content might be just as important as posting yourself. It’s important to actually participate in conversations, and not just the ones you start either.

Finally, brainstorm your next post with Buffer’s AI social post creator – it’s free and can turn your ideas into winning content.

FAQs about creating content on Threads

Can I use hashtags in my Instagram Threads?

Yes, you can use hashtags in your Instagram Threads. Hashtags can help link your posts together and make them more discoverable to users interested in your thread topic.

Can I generate a Threads post using AI?

Yes, absolutely. Draft your next post with Buffer’s AI social post creator (for free)!

What are the best practices for visuals in Instagram threads?

For visuals, use high-quality images and maintain a consistent style or color scheme throughout your thread. This will help create a good experience for your followers and maintain visual consistency.

How often should I post to Threads?

Consistency is key, but so is identifying what works for you. Aim to post regularly, whether that’s daily or weekly, as long as you can keep to your chosen schedule. The key is to keep your audience engaged without overwhelming them. Adjust your schedule based on the feedback and engagement from your followers.

How long should my Threads post be?

You can post up to 500 characters and include links, up to 10 photos, and videos of up to 5 minutes in length. You can also share your Threads post on your Instagram story or as a link on any other platform you prefer.

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